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Ball type check valve is also called check valve. Its function is to prevent medium backflow in pipeline. The opening and closing parts automatically open or close by the medium flow and force, so as to prevent the backflow of medium. The valve is called check valve. The check valve belongs to the automatic valve […]

Soft Seal Gate Valve Advantages

根据API 600、API 602、GB/T 12234的要求,闸阀是工业管道产品中使用最多的截止阀。适用于各类工业管道150~2500级。闸阀具有以下优点。 Big flow area, small fluid resistance; Simple construction, easy operation; A seat seal ring is replaceable welding or threaded seat; Seal surface can be surfacing 13 Cr, satellite, monel metal, etc, stand wear and tear and abrasion resistance; Low-pressure valve uses the bolted bonnet; the high-pressure gate valve uses the pressure […]